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Yes, Yogi was the first base coach for the Mets in 1969.

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Q: Did yogi get a ring with the 1969 mets?
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Was Yogi Berra a catcher on the NY Mets in 1969?

He Has Not Played In 1969. But He Was On The Mets. And He Was A Catcher

Did yogi berra win a World Series with the mets?

Yes. Yogi was the first base coach for the 1969 Mets that defeated the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series.

What years did did yogi manage the Mets?

Yogi Berra managed the New York Mets 4 years from 1972 -1975

Did Yogi Berra ever manage the New York Mets?

Yes, he did. Yogi Berra managed the New York Mets from 1972 to 1975. He was fired in August 1975.

Did Yogi Berra ever play for the Mets?

Yes, Yogi Berra had 9 at bats with 2 hits for the Mets in the 1965 season. He was signed as a free agent by the Mets on April 27, 1965 and released on May 17, 1965.

What teams did yogi berra play for?

yogi berra played his entire mlb career with the new York Yankees but also coached the mets

When was Kingsport Mets created?

Kingsport Mets was created in 1969.

Who played center field for the 1969 New York Mets?

Tommy Agee was the New York Mets center fielder in 1969.

Did Al Jackson ever throw Yogi Berra a home run pitch?

No. Al Jackson was a National league pitcher, and never played in the World Series. The only year Yogi Berra batted in the National League was in 1965 when both Al Jackson, and Yogi Berra played for the Mets. Al Jackson never pitched to Yogi Berra in a Major League game. in 1965 Yogi caught 2 games for the Mets, and had 9 at bats as a player coach.

What were Yogi Berra's interests and hobbies?

He played baseball for the NY Yankees and the NY Mets.

Who was the third basement for the miracle Met's in 1969?

Ed Charles played third base for the Mets from 1967 to 1969 Kevin Collins played third and second base for the Mets in 1965, and 1967 to 1969 Wayne Garrett played third and second base for the Mets from 1969 to 1976 Bob Heise played infield for the Mets from 1967 to 1969 Bobby Pfeil played third base in 1969

What number did Yogi Berra wear for the New York Mets?

Yogi Berra played a total of four games for the New York Mets (1965), he wore #8. He also wore #8 as the Mets coach (1965-1972) and manager (1972-1975).