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Q: Did victor French ever play football?
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How do you say play football in french?

to play football is jouer au foot, jouer au football in French. To play football - Jouer au foot ball in french

Did darius rucker play football?

No he did not ever play professional football

French I play football?

In French I play football is: Je joue au foot(ball) Hope it helped. If you need help on French I can probably do it.

Who was the French football runners 1917?

The French football league did not play in 1917 due to war.

What kind of sport do the french play?


How do you say you play football in french?

la foot, or la football. :D

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How do you say 'to play soccer' in French?

To play soccer is "jouer au foot / au football" in French.

What does it mean to have sport?

In French, "jouer" is the -ER verb for "to play." ex- Je joue au football.(I play football.)

Did bernie mac ever play football?


Three sports that the French play?

football , rugby & athletics.