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The Wrestling sites are reporting that she decided to leave because she wanted to spend more time with her children.
It is for real, she wants to spend more time with her daughters and just live at home.

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Q: Did vickie Guerrero quit or is it all fake?
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First Of All You're Question is "Does Vickie Guerrero Have A Car?". Second Of All She Does.

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NO!!!!!!!! because Edge is a lesbian and Vickie is a gaylord and plus if Edge really loved vickie Guerrero because Edge wouldn't have moved when Rey Mysterio was going to do the west coast pop and would've went back in the ring when Vickie Guerrero was being attacked by the Undertaker. But Vickie is to stupid to know it was all Edge's FAULT!! By Elena Shelepak

Who is realted in the WWE?

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Did edge and vickie really date?

== == i don't know what you think but i think Edge really loves Vickie. He keeps saying she is the love of his life and i think he really means it. I don't know what you think but he must really love her to marry that crazy woman. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! he is just using her to get to the WWE or world heavyweight championship belts. now that vickie is not a manager any more, edge dumpes her and demands a divorce(they are married)

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Vickie Guerrero received a Tombstone at the hands of The Undertaker. Then a few weeks later she accidentaly received a seated senton that was targeted towards Edge who moved out of harms way at the last second. This is just a part of the storyline.Answernow she doesent need the wheelchair:( ...never did need one; it's all written in a script and 95 percent of the time that's what it's only if a wrestler misses a move or another mistake that someone really gets hurt..otherwise just remember vince along with the ex brother love and others write a script..

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Yes as all WWE Relationships usually do. May I state they arent dating in real life and I doubt she will never move on as she still loves her husband Eddie

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Eddie Guerrero never dated Chyna in real life, that was an on screen relationship, Eddie Guerrero was married to Vicki Guerrero in real life all the way up to his death.

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