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No they did not

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โˆ™ 2009-01-14 17:28:33
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Q: Did undertakers mom dad and brother die?
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Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

Is Kane and undertakers Mom And Dad dead?


Who is undertakers mom and dad?

Mommy Undertaker and Daddy Undertaker.

Who is the undertakers real parents?

his real parents are your mom and dad haha!!!

Did Kane buryed undertaker?

NO WAY!!!! Ok when the undertaker was a little boy his mother or father died and his mom or dad married kanes mom or dad and that makes Kane undertakers step brother. And trust me I am his #1 fan in the whole entire world!! he is sooo hot!!

What would my dad's brother be in relation to my mom's sister's children?

Your dad's brother is your mom's brother-in-law. He is not related to your mom's sister or her children.

Did undertakers mom really die in a fire?

yes,she did

Who is undertakers real mom?

well we dont know but have ya seen what kain did he. burned his mom and dad grave. undertaker had tears in his eyes

Does victoria justice live with her mom dad sister brother?

She lives with her step-dad, mom, and little sister. She doesn't have a brother.

Who is Selena Gomez's mom and dad and sister and brother?

yes selena's dad does have a brother.

Did my dad's mom die?

no my mom dad did not die i was asking a qustion to answer . com why did u ask me that qustion i have a mom and a dad from kyleigh shelton

Did undertakers and kanes mom die in a fire?

In reality: No In storyline: Yes

What is 'Mom and Dad and brother' when translated from English to Latin?

"Mom and Dad and brother" in English is Mater et pater et frater in Latin.

Is Phineas Ferb's half-brother step brother cousin or brother?

Ferb is Phineas' step brother and the Dad's real son. Phineas and Candace are the Mom's real kids and the Mom and Dad got married when all the kids were small. The dad's side of the family is from England and are in a couple of episodes and the mom's parents are in a couple too. The mom's parents are in the episode were they go camping.

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الاب dad الام mom الاخ brother الاخت sister الجد grandpa الجدة grandma العم uncle ( dad's brother) الخال uncle ( mom's brother)

What were Cleopatra's influences?

Her mom, dad and brother.

When did Henry ford's dad and mom die?

Dad 2001 mom 2012

Is Kane and undertakers mom ana dad dead?

No because Kane or Glen Jacobs and Undertaker or Mark Calaway are not even brothers that was just a storyline.

Where is the undertakers mom?

There has never been a mention of The Undertakers mother on WWE television.

Is Michael mom and dad die?

Michael Phelps Mom: Alive Dad: Alive

Does Bella Thorne live with her dad?

No her dad died when she was 9. She lives with her mom and brother.

Who are in Victoria Justice's family?

Her mom and dad and brother

What is a double cousin marriage?

Lets say you only have ONE first cousin... Your mom and your cousin's mom are sisters. Your father and your cousin's father are brothers. Doubling the genes you have in common... or your mom and your cousin's dad are brother and sister... and your dad and your cousin's mom are brother and sister...

Did Chris Brown's dad and mom die?

No, Chris Brown's mom and dad are still alive.

Did Kanes and Undertaker s moms die in a fire when they were children?

yes kanes and undertakers mom die in a fire when they were children