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Neither it was a storyline never happened they are not related

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Q: Did undertaker set the house on fire or did Kane?
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Why did undertaker set fire in Kane's house on May 19?

he didnt its a storyline undertaker set afire on kanes house because he didnt want Kane and paul to come back to the wwf

Did undertaker burn Kane face?

no,kane burned kanes face.he set his house on fire when he was a kid and his face caught on fire when he was too close 2 the fire

What happen to Kane on May 19?

The undertaker accidentally set his house and a funeral home on fire

Who burned Kane face?

Actually the storyline goes as this... The Undertaker is Kane's older brother, and when they were little Undertaker set his house on fire and killed his parents and badly burned Kane's face, The Undertaker thought his brother was dead but found out later he was alive and Kane wore the mask to cover up his scars... in the storyline anyway

Was Kane burned?

Yes, Kane was burned in a fire as a child. Paul Bearer tricked the undertaker into believing HE set the fire, when in reality paul bearer was the one who set the fire.

Did undertaker an Kane's parents die in a fire?

yes the did. BUT... undertaker did not kill them. it was Kane. He was playing with flamable matches and his parents were in the fire and Kane was burnt on his face. Undertaker was doing his daily chores. i watched 97 episode on Raw Is War. But if you look up the beginning of the ministry of darkness Undertaker admits that he set the fire that burned Kane on his face

What Kane history?

Kane and the undertaker are half brothers. That's why the Undertaker got in trouble most of the time. When they were young they set there parents on fire. Kane is not really evil nor the Undertaker. They just play a character for the WWE business.

How did undertaker escape from a casket when Kane set it on fire?

There would have been a trap door.

Who put set fire to undertakers house?

I think it was Kane but i dont know?

Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they were children?

Kane is Glen Jacobs and Undertaker is Mark Calarway. How can the father be the same? Their mom is the same but father is different. Glen and Mark aren't really related but the storyline is that Kane and Undertaker are. Also the storyline state's that Kane and Undertaker have the same mother, but not the same father. Kane's father is Paul Bearer (The man that carries the urn). That is why Bearer threatened Undertaker by exposing his secret if he wasn't his manager again. In fear Undertaker agreed, but in the first ever Hell in a Cell match Undertaker Vs HBK, Kane pulled the door off and attacked Undertaker giving HBK the win. They both have mentioned their dead mother who died in a fire apparently started by Undertaker, the brother were playing with matches but were punished when Undertaker's father found them. Undertaker was punished more than Kane because he was the oldest. His father explained what they were doing including that they were around flamable liquids. After punishing Undertaker he sent him on his way to do his chores. Undertaker looked back and saw Kane heading through a back door with some of the liquids in his hands, Undertaker dismissed the matter. He later came home to see the place a light in flames. He wanted to run in but the fire fighters stopped him. Undertaker believed that his mother, father and Kane were all dead, but Kane survived. Undertaker admitted a year later when he did a heel turn that he actually burned the funeral home and set it a light.

Are Kane and and the undertaker twin wwe?

Kane is undertakers little brother in wwe but off-set they are not even related

Does Kane really wear a mask?

Kane is the Undertakers brother, the story was, the Undertaker set a fire at his families Funeral Home which killed his family but Kane escaped with burns all over his face/body. A few years later when Kane was unmasked he had no burns and the story was his scars were emotional scars.

Why do the undertaker and Kane hate each-other?

Answerlisten they don't hate each other what makes you think that? AnswerSince the Undertaker and Kane are half brothers, they hated each other because Undertaker set Kane on fire when they were kids. that's why Kane had third degree burns. that's why Kane wore a you idiot Undertaker hates Kane for killing there parents.AnswerThe on screen characters Kane and Undertaker no longer hate each other....they tend to try and "one up" each other, but generally enjoy working together. I don't know if Mark Calaway and Glen Jacobs like each other or not...that sounds like a good question to ask

Did Kane kill undertakers mom?

Of course not. If he really would till now he would be hanged or arrested. That is just one kind of acting to make Undertaker and Kanes lifestory more interseting. Remember one thing WWE is fake. Actually, Kane accidentally set fire to the house and killed the mom. Some things are real.

How do you finish burn alive match?

A burned alive match is a special type of match in which the only way to win the match is to set your opponent on fire. Usually the ringside is surrounded by flames and if you can set any part of your opponent on fire, you win the match. Undertaker and Kane have been part of such matches.

Did Kane really set jr on fire?

no that was fake fire he would of been dead

Did Malcolm X's house get set on fire?

Malcoms house did get set on fire

How many pages does Set This House on Fire have?

Set This House on Fire has 507 pages.

Did Kane really set himself on fire?

No, it is just apart of the sotryline

When was Set This House on Fire created?

Set This House on Fire was created on 1960-05-12.

Who set Jeff Hardy's house on fire?

No One Set his house on fire. There We're Faulty Wires under his house That Made his house catch on fire.

What is wrong with Kane?

There is nothing wrong with the man who PLAYS Kane (Glen Jacobs) the character Kane is demented. his past haunts him, his storyline brother Undertaker set fire to their family home killing their parents and "scaring" Kane, though Kane isn't visably scared i believe the scaring means mentally scared. Undertaker believing his brother was dead, went to live with his Uncle, Paul Bearer, who ran a funeral home. after coming to the WWF, Paul found Undertakers brother Kane, who was indeed alive, but insane. Kane reveled in pain, misery and suffering. he likes hurting people. Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker and brought Kane to destroy him Kane burnt their "parents" coffins on the stage, which lead to a fued. much later in their careers when Kane had unmasked he buried his brother alive in a "buried alive match" which Undertaker was fighting Vince McMahoin in, Undertaker returned at wrestlemanai 20 to fight Kane. Glen Jacobs, before being Kane, played Jerry Lawlers "dentist" Issac Yankem (you cant make this stuff up) who faught Bret Hart while Jerry was in a small cage feet above the ring.

Did the mothers of Kane and The Undertaker die in a fire when they were children?

Our contributors disagree:NoYes, apparently The Undertaker set alight a small business that this family owned, and both of his parents died as well as one of his brothers. Kane was inside when the place was on fire but he survived with multiple cu, burns, and bruises. If you look at one of his eye's you can clearly see that it was so hurt from the fire that it messed up his eye.It's a contact lens. If you search for his real name and look at his family photos, you will see his eye is fine.

Did someone set dr martin lither king's house on fire?

Yes someone set king's house on fire

Does the Weasley house get set on fire in Harry Potter?

Yes on the film it doese but not in the book. Bellatrix and Greyback set the house on fire.