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oh my god, edge is alive, he just needed some time off

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Q: Did undertaker really kill edge or is he alive?
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Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Did undertaker kill the bigbossman?

yes he did kill big boss man undertaker and edge,christian and gangrel killed the big boss man after the undertakers match

Did jack swagger really kill the undertaker?


Did the undertaker really kill the big bossman?

No, the undertaker did not kill the bigbossman. Big boss man died of cardiac arrest

Did undertaker kill Paul be arer?

No he did not! Paul is still very much alive

How did undertaker change into a motorcycle hunk and when did he change back to scary guy?

Bcuz of kane, He tried to kill undertaker then he notice he was alive

Who is kill Kane brother Undertaker?

Under Taker Is alive...........Its Because of the 4-way fatal match..That Had no superstar players in it.......So they created controversy that the Undertaker is dead.........

Did anyone kill undertaker?

yes,undertaker was killed by orton and kane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No The Undertaker is still alive.

How did the undertaker come back alive?

He is the living dead you see, his nickname is The DeadMan and you cannot kill someone who is already dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Shawn Micheal and john cena barried undertaker alive and did he got out?

They never did because his brother Kane will kill both of them. Undertaker shows off so make you to believe its real thing?

How did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

Undertaker isn't dead

Who will try to kill undertaker?

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.