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No undertaker was alive

Yes undertaker was alive

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2009-10-02 05:43:20
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Q: Did undertaker really die when Kane buried him?
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How did the undertaker really die?

l think undertaker is die from is brother Kane try to die big brother undertaker

Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they where children?

Not really, its just part of the WWE storyline where Kane and Undertaker are rivals.

How did undertakers parents die?

undertaker brother Kane killed them when undertaker and Kane were smaal so sad

Did the undertaker die in the buried alive match?


What does undertaker really mean?

an undertaker is like those people who have something to do with when people die and their coffin and something like that

What happened to undertaker after the buried alive match?

he will die

Did undertaker die on Memorial Day?

undertaker did not die he is still recovering from his last match but he did get poisned by a fellow wrestler and his name is Kane...

Did Kane and the Undertaker's mother die?

No. Neither fighter's parents are dead.

Did undertaker an Kane's parents die in a fire?

yes the did. BUT... undertaker did not kill them. it was Kane. He was playing with flamable matches and his parents were in the fire and Kane was burnt on his face. Undertaker was doing his daily chores. i watched 97 episode on Raw Is War. But if you look up the beginning of the ministry of darkness Undertaker admits that he set the fire that burned Kane on his face

Did undertaker really die and come back to life?

No,the undertaker did not die

Did the Undertaker really die when Kane buried him alive at Bragging Rights 2010?

No, his career is going to involve guesswork from this point on, but this is my theory. He begins to haunt Kane, he faces him one last time at wrestlemania. Beats him, becomes 20-0 holds the World Heavyweight Championship high and vanishes, never to be seen again.

Who ever answered this questiondid kane's and undertaker's moms die in a fire when they were childrenand saidthey have been really close friends since they were kids you met the undertaker at a wwe sh?

now one know but they are related

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