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No,the undertaker did not die

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โˆ™ 2010-06-06 18:55:30
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Q: Did undertaker really die and come back to life?
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Did undertaker really die and came back to life after john cena killed him?

No he did not die.

Did the undertaker really die but then came back to life?

yes it is true undrtaker did die and then came back to life. i dont know how he died but my answer is correct.

Is undertaker going to live forever if he dies and comes back to life?

No man can live forever. Undertaker is just a man like anyone else, and so he will be die and never come back, just like anyone else

Is paul bear really undertaker and kanes father in real life?

No he is not

Did WWE wrestler undertaker die in real life today?

WWE is entertainment no one can die and come back to life. if they did they would be a zombie and zombies aren't real. so, no

If a oak tree dies can it come back to life?

If the tree is really dead it cannot come back to life but another may grow in the same place from an acorn.

Why undertaker is called dead man?

because his brother (Kane) buried him and the undertaker came back to wwe and to life

Why Does chucky always come back to life?

No one really knows for sure.

Is domboledore really dead or dose he come back to life in Deathly Hallows part 2?

He is really dead.

How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

Do Kane really killed undertaker in real life?

no he still liveing ant he

Does anyone come back to life in Harry Potter?

Nobody can come back to life really. We see a few characters again but none of them are alive. Dumbledore talks to Harry as does his parents, Sirius and Remus.

Does Tara come back to life in Buffy?

No, i am so sorry. She's really dead. :'(

Does the mayor come back to life after he dies in drawn to life?

no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.

How do you come back to life really fast in Mario Kart Wii?

You can use a Homebrew hack to teleport back on the course.

When you are dead can you come back to life?

yes not in the natural but if Jesus allows it you could come back to life but dont just expect for people to suddenly come back to life if you want them to if they come back to life it is for a purpose

Do Undertaker and worship the Devil?

Yes they say he died and came back to life from the dead.

Does Obito come back to life?

No, Obito does not come back to life.

Does ironhide come back to life?

wilironhide come back to life

Is the undertaker and sara married in real life?

yes! Mark (undertaker) and Sara are really married! They married in 2001! Brian Lee (fake Undertaker) was his best man! ANSWer They are now separated though

Can the dead come back to life?

No. It is impossible for anything to come back to life.

Does Orochimaru come back to life?

yes orochimaru does come back to life

Does Itachi come back to life?

Sadly no. Itachi does not come back to life.

When will the rock come back?

he is comming in 2012 when wrestlemania is going to be in Miami, Florida in the Sun Life Stadium. . It is going to be The Rock vs. Undertaker or John Cena. My My Uncle works for Mr. McMahon and he told me.

Is THE undertaker really nice in his life?

Oh yes he is nice. we must remember that in the ring it is all fake.