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I Don't Think Undertaker Has Ever Fought Doink The Clown At All I Know Bret Hart Has Also Don't Forget Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) Has Faced Him Too

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Q: Did undertaker ever wrestle doink the clown?
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Will Goldberg ever wrestle the undertaker?

yes; he should wrestle the undertaker. he should make one last math at wrestlemaima30 in MSG.

Will the undertaker ever wrestle again in a infernal match?

It's possible

Is the undertaker ever coming back after wrestle maina27?

he will probably retire before WrestleMania 28

What will be the historical match in WrestleMania 25?

The best Wrestle mania matches ever is The Undertaker vs HBK ( Undertaker extended streak to 17-0) HBK has been in two of the best Wrestle mania matches in history him v.s the Undertaker and him v.s BRET " THE HITMAN" HART

Will Undertaker vs Sting at WredtleMaina 31 Will ever Happen?

As of October 2014, there is not mention of Undertaker vs Sting being held at Wrestle Mania 31. Although many fans are hoping it will.

Did undertaker wrestle for smoky mountain wrestling?

No only for WCCW / WCW / WWF / WWE. I also double checked the Wikipedia page for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and they show no claim to ever having him wrestle for them in their five year run.

Has doink the clown ever been to prison?

Yes. More then once I believe in 98 and/or 99 but most definatly in the summer of 2009. I should know I was on the same cell block in lawrence county prison. We played scrabble together :-)

Who fighted undertaker at wrestemania?

The Undertaker is 15 and 0 at wrestle mania, and Shawn michaels tried to end his winning streak last year at wrestlemania. Now this year Shawn michaels is calling out the undertaker again, and i think he is more determand than ever to beat him. well watch and fond out.

Is Eugene of WWE really mentally challenged.?

no he isn't really ...its all a big storyline to entertain the crowd to get laughter in and for him to get noticed. after all he isn't that bad...but I have heard he was the clown about last week...he wrestled as a clown. How the heck could Euegene be like that. The clown came in and got the living heck beaten out of him by Rob Conway, then Eugene came to the rescue and got beat up. So unless there are two Eugenes, there is someone else who plays Doink the CLown. No, but I doubt he'll ever be able to have a different gimmick. The only way it could happen is: if he disappeared for many, many years, and return after everyone forgo about him, but I don't think he'll forget about Eugene for a longtime! He's not related to Bischoff, either. Eugene is what Doink was (when he was in the WWE) the comic relief. That, and I don't think Eugene is old enough to be Doink. Although Doink and Eugene would make one entertaining Tag Team, it won't ever happen. Eugene is NOT. I should know. I am related to him.He is my 10th cousin. Eugene isn't, he is just out 4 a while because he took drugs Eugene is fired due to injuries. # #

Will doink ever return to WWE?

As a full time competitor - No. Doink the Clown retired many years ago and has not been wrestling after that. A few weeks back, on the build-up to RAW's 1000th episode, Doing returned for one night only to WWE Raw and lost to Heath Slater. He was one of the legends from the past being brought back to honor their contribution to the RAW show.

Who will beat the undertaker at wrestle mania?

Triple H will because in 2011 he is better than ever so he could pedigree undertaker lots of times. Or HBK can hit Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music when Triple H is distracting the ref. Then Triple H will hit Undertaker with the pedigree and 1...2...3 DING DING DING then Triple H wins.

Did goldberg ever fight against undertaker?

Goldberg Vs Undertaker at wrestlemania would be a fantastic match to have. I would love to see if Goldberg is scared of Undertaker's magic or if Indeed Goldberg can end the streak of Taker. Maybe Undertaker would be afraid who knows. Sadly wwe will never ever make this dream match a reality but it would be history in the making because Goldberg has never crossed paths with Undertaker. They have never had a match ever before.