Did troy exist

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Yes, it did.

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Q: Did troy exist
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When did troy exist?

The New Troy was created in 1850.

Does Troy still exist?

Yes , the city of Troy exists as an archeological site located in Turkey .

What do you say when you meet someone from troy?

Ancient Troy doesn't exist anymore therefore you could not say hello to them.Haha that rocks.

Is 8 ounces more then one fourth of a pound?

It is half a pound*. *If you mean troy ounces, it would be 12 troy oz to troy pound**. **Other definitions of ounces and pounds exist.

Why was Helen of troy crucifixed?

No she was not, Christianity did not exist as any kind of major religion in the time of Ancient Greece.

Did the city of Troy speak Latin when The Romans invaded?

I only know of one city called Troy and that was the Troy of the Iliad. The Romans never invaded that Troy, in fact they didn't even exist as a people at the time. The founder of Rome, Aeneas, according to Virgil, was supposed to be a refugee from Troy. We don't specifically know what language the Trojans spoke, but it was more than likely Greek or some dialect of Greek.

How many cities in the US are named Troy?

25 cities: -Troy, Alabama -Troy, Idaho -Troy, Illinois -Troy Grove, Illinois -Troy, Indiana -Troy Mills, Iowa -Troy, Kansas -Troy, Maine -Troy, Michigan -New Troy, Michigan -Troy, Missouri -Troy, Montana -Troy, New Hampshire -Troy, New York -Troy, North Carolina -Troy, Ohio -Troy, Pennsylvania -Troy, South Carolina -Troy, Tennessee -Troy, Texas -Troy, Vermont -North Troy, Vermont -Troy, Virginia -Troy, West Virginia -East Troy, Wisconsin

What interesting findings have archaeologists discovered about the actual city named troy?

There is proof now that Troy did exist. Archeologist have found the city's remains in Turkey.

Troy university is located in which state?

Troy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, Alabama

Did Troy ever exist explain why.?

Yes, Sciencetist descover fossils of people who did fight there. They also state that arrows have been hidden under rocks for years.

How many troy ounces in a troy pound?

There are 12 troy ounces in one troy pound.

How many troy ounces in a 1 troy pound?

1 troy pound is 12 troy ounces.