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Q: Did tom gibson play for aston villa in 1901?
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What city do Aston vlla play in?

Aston Villa play in the city of Birmingham.

Who does emile heskey play for?

Aston Villa

What color is Aston Villa's kit?

aston villa play in SH1T & BLUE

Who was the first foreign player to play for Aston Villa?


How much did it cost to build Aston villa's Britannia stadium?

nothing they play at Villa Park

Who did Aston villa play Boxing Day 26 December 1947?

They played at home against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Aston Villa lost 2 - 1.

Does the football club Aston Villa play in London now?

Aston Villa are based in Birmingham. It is only if they are playing teams from London in away matches that they play in London, or if they got to a Wembley final.

Who will play in Carling cup final?

man utd and Aston villa

Who did benteke play for before Aston villa?

KRC Genk in Belgium

In fifa 10 which team does Stewart downing play for?

Aston Villa :)

Was Aston villa the first team to play live on sky?

no it wasnt it was birmingham

What team does john carew play for?

stoke city (on loan from Aston villa)