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Q: Did they play football 100 years ago?
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What games did they play 100 years ago?


What football team does jesus support?

None. Jesus never experienced football. He lived over 2,000 years ago and football it is a little over a 100 years old.

When did Africa start playing sports?

Football in Africa was introduced over 100 years ago by the British, Portuguese, French and Belgium colonists. Football clubs was formed in cities of Africa 50 years ago.

What was life like 100 years ago?

i think life 100 years ago was more diffuclt because you had to do more work and there was not enough time to play. one other reason might be that there was no xboxs or other video gqmes back there 100 years ago.

What was the price of gas 100 years ago?

There was no gas for automobiles 100 years ago

What did children play with on the beach 100 years ago?

wooden bucket and wooden spade

What the activities that were exist 100 years ago?

For sure baseball cause the cubs havnt won a world series in 100 years and im pretty sure about football too.

Has college football champions ever play pros in a exibition game?

The New York Giants used to play a College Football team in the preseason many years ago.

Grizzly bear population 100 years ago?

what was the population of grizzly bears 100 years ago

Did people eat kimchi a 100 years ago?

Yes, kimchi was eaten 100 years ago.

Was there copying machines 100 years ago?

I think there wasn't copying machine 100 years ago

Was ink on pens used 100 years ago?

No. Ink on pens was not used 100 years ago.

Was Disneyland famous 100 years ago?

No. It was not around 100 years ago. It did not open until 1955.

What are facts about life 100 years ago?

There are many places to find facts about life 100 years ago. You could find facts about life 100 years ago in a library.

What sports did people play ages ago?


Is iron a word made in England 100 years ago?

Yes, it is a word made 100 years ago

What is different about the TVs today then 100 years ago?

they didnt have tvs 100 years ago but if they did they had very little

Did they have phones 100 years ago?

Yes.Phones were around 100 years ago. They are even older than you think they are.

Was internet invented 100 years ago?

no.there was no internet before a 100 years ago. if it was 20 'yes'.

What caused increased Mexican immagration to the US 100 years ago?

A 100 years ago there was no Mexican immigrants.

Classical biotechnology dates back about years ago?

100 years ago

Where there computers 100 years ago?

No, there were not.

Where football invented?

Football was invented by The Romans and The Greeks many years ago

How many polar bears were there 100 years ago?

There was 1050 polar bears left in our world 100 years ago.

Is there a Chinese monarchy?

There was, 100 years ago, but now there isn't! There was a civil war 100 years ago, so that's why.