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Yes. They let him join as a slug hitter which means he bombs the ball 400 yards

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Q: Did they let Jackie Robinson join the dodgers?
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What was Jackie Robinson's debate and diplomacy?

Jackie Robinson's debate was about whether they would let him play on the major leagues because he is an African American

What made Jackie Robinson play major league?

First and foremost, Rickey want to WIN BALL GAMES, and felt that players of the calibre of Robinson would help him do so. He knew that Robinson would suffer EXTREME abuse while playing, and so he had to be absolutely certain that Robinson would endure the abuse.

Where did Jackie Robinson live during his lifetime?

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How was Jackie Robinson teased in baseball?

The Philadelphia Phillies -- and their manager Ben Chapman -- were notorious for relentless heckling of Robinson in his early days in major league baseball. Reportedly, at one game at Shibe Park in Philadelphia, a black cat was let loose onto the field. The heckling only made Robinson more determined to succeed, and he continued to excel in the majors.

How is Jackie Robinson remembered today?

the importance of Jackie Robinson in society is he was the first African American to be let into major league base ball.he showed that blacks could be just as good as whites at not just base ball but at everything .he showed us that it doesnt matter what your skin color is.its what is inside is what matters the most.H didnt let the color of his skin stop him from succeding.He ignored the racial comments and showed the world what he could do.And these are just some of the reasons why he is so important to society thier are so any great things he has done to promote his kind and for that i believe that jack roevelt robinson is a united states hero.

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the end of segragation in baseball

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