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What are the Defenders called om a netball team

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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

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Q: Did they have famous football basketball on the titanic?
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Is basketball more famous than football?


What sports are UCLA famous for?

basketball, football, and soccer

Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

What famous football and basketball players wore number 24?

Kobe for Basketball Champ Bailey and Darelle Revis for Football

Is basketball the biggest threat to soccer?

No it is not a threat, because basketball is not so famous. Shafiq is famous. He is in football. He is the greatest future coming player.

Famous people with letter U?

Johnny Unites (football), Westley Unseld (basketball), Uljana Semjonova (Russian basketball player) and Gene Upshaw (football) are famous athletes.

What are 3 famous sports in granada?

3 famous sports in Granada would be football, basketball, and golf.

Does Calgary have basketball team?

noo, but calgary does have famous hockey and football teams

Is football the most popular sport in America?

No America it is Baseball and basketball are more famous.

What are the most famous sports in U.s.a?

baseball,basketball,american football,ice hockey

What are the biggest differences between basketball and football?

football has a goal basketball has a net football you use your feet basketball you use your hands football you use a football basketball you use a basketball football you use a pitch basketball you use a court there is loads

What is more watched college basketball or football?

College football is more watched. Football is the most famous sport in the US and is the most watched by far.

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