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No medals were awarded at the ancient Olympics. However, the trophies were given to competitors who came between 1st and 3rd.

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Q: Did they get medals or trophies at the ancient Olympics?
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What are the Olympic trophies?

There are no trophies in the Olympics just medals.

How many gold medals can be won at the Olympics?

12 medals and 152 trophies

Where does Shawn Johnson keep her Olympics medals?

She has a room in her house with a room filled with medals and trophies

Who designed the 5 circles for the Olympics?

It was used by the Ancient Greeks, instead of having medals, they would have the trophies in the shape of the rings in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron

How many medals are there in the ancient Olympics?


What prizes did the winners get in ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

What did both Modern and Ancient Olympics do?

Award medals!

What did the winners of the 1900 Olympics in Paris win?

Most winners would get cups or trophies instead of medals.

When did the Olympics start giving gold medales?

The Olympics started giving out gold medals in 1904 to first-place winners. When the Olympics began in 1896, the awards given to first-place winners were silver medals and those in second place received bronze medals. In the next Olympics of 1900, winners got trophies instead of medals.

What were the olympics like in ancient Greece?

in ancient greece the olympics were diffrent because they didnt win any medals, because the won olive branches insted of gold, silveer and bronze medals.

Did the winners get medals in the ancient Greek Olympics?

No, just a crown of laurel leaves.

Did ancient Olympics have gold silver and bronze medals?

no, only silver and bronze

How many medals are in the Olympics?

There are 903 medals in the Olympics.

Who held record for most medals in ancient Olympics?

In Ancient Greece no medals were given. This is a modern concept. They were give laurel / olive leaves wreaths to wear on their heads.

Were medals give in the First Olympics?

People would give you in the ancient times crowns made out of olive leaves and also medals

What do you win in football?

Some trophies and medals

Did Amelia Earhart win any trophies?

Yes, she won many trophies and medals.

How many 'medals' are there in the Olympics?

302 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics

How different is the current Olympics compared to the ancient Olympics?

In the first Olympics, the Greeks won pretty much all the medals. Now they are just really poor.

Who won the Trophy in the 1984 Olympics?

Trophies are not awarded in the Olympics.

How many medals did Fiji win in the Olympics?

Number of medals won at the Beijing Olympics: 41 medals

What is made out of bronze?

3rd prize trophies and medals.

How many spare medals are made for the Olympics?

three medals are made for Olympics

Medals at Olympics?

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded at the Olympics.

What are Olympics medals made from?

Olympics medals are made from Gold,Platinum and Bronzes