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Q: Did the university of Miami ever have a nickname other than hurricanes?
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Who is the team doctor for the Florida Panthers?

John Uribe, M.D. is the current medical director of the Florida Panthers. There are several other doctors on the staff of this professional team.

Are the Miami Hurricanes on the decline?

No the Miami hurricanes are a super star team they will go from top to bottom then go back to top it has happened in the teams history numerous tmes as has it happened to other teams in history. Just give the canes a few years and Shannon will have them back on the top.

What is the nickname of the sports teams of Northern Illinois State University?

Northern Illinois State sports teams go by the nickname of the Huskies. There are several other universities that also use this nickname.

Does Miami have hurricanes?

Hurricanes don't "HAPPEN" in Miami (that is a nonsensical question), they usually DEVELOP in the Atlantic Ocean from low pressure systems and travel west toward the United States. The rotation of the Earth causes them to curve toward the right (Coriolis Effect), which is northward. However, high-pressure areas, low-pressure areas, weather fronts, and even ocean currents affect their paths. Hurricanes have also developed in the Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. Miami has not been hit by an unusually high number of hurricanes compared to other areas of the United States. In fact, the 2004 hurricane season saw four hurricanes hit Florida, three went over the same areas of central Florida (just north of Lake Okeechobee), two in one direction and one in the opposite. Miami was untouched by any of them.

University of Miami?

It depends on many other factors, but a 3.97 should definitely make you a very competitive candidate.

What schools in Miami offer a Healthcare MBA?

If you're looking for a degree in healthcare look no further than the University of Miami. If this is not financially possible there are other schools available in the area for your choosing.

Do hurricanes last as long as other storms?

Hurricanes typically last longer than other storms.

Are there hurricanes on Pluto?

No. Hurricanes require liquid among other things. There is no liquid on Pluto.

Do people name hurricanes like they did with other storms?

Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones such as typhoons are just about the only storms that get names.

What are hurricanes called in Aisia?

From what I've seen on other answers, Hurricanes are called typhoons in Asia.

Are tornadoes and hurricanes one storm or the other?

Hurricanes and tornadoes are two different types of storm.

What are some other bad storms like hurricanes?

Other storms that can cause wind damage like hurricanes include tornadoes and derechos