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Q: Did the undertaker start a fire with Kane as a child?
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Was Kane burned?

Yes, Kane was burned in a fire as a child. Paul Bearer tricked the undertaker into believing HE set the fire, when in reality paul bearer was the one who set the fire.

How did undertaker start the fire?

Kane had started the fire with flammable cemicals.Undertaker was out doing his chores and when he came back the funneral home was on fire.

Did undertaker an Kane's parents die in a fire?

yes the did. BUT... undertaker did not kill them. it was Kane. He was playing with flamable matches and his parents were in the fire and Kane was burnt on his face. Undertaker was doing his daily chores. i watched 97 episode on Raw Is War. But if you look up the beginning of the ministry of darkness Undertaker admits that he set the fire that burned Kane on his face

Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they where children?

Not really, its just part of the WWE storyline where Kane and Undertaker are rivals.

Did Kane get burnt from a fire undertaker started?

yes he did

How did undertaker and Kane mom and dad died?

in a fire

Who burned Kanes face?

Actually the storyline goes as this... The Undertaker is Kane's older brother, and when they were little Undertaker set his house on fire and killed his parents and badly burned Kane's face, The Undertaker thought his brother was dead but found out later he was alive and Kane wore the mask to cover up his scars... in the storyline anyway

When did Kane get burnt and what did he look like when he got burnt?

The storyline was that the undertaker and kanes parents died in a fire and that the undertaker thought Kane to be dead as well but Kane escaped with "serious burns''

What is the story of Undertaker's Parents?

They were killed in a fire that his brother Kane started.

What Kane history?

Kane and the undertaker are half brothers. That's why the Undertaker got in trouble most of the time. When they were young they set there parents on fire. Kane is not really evil nor the Undertaker. They just play a character for the WWE business.

Why does taker hate Kane?

In the WWE fiction, The Undertaker and Kane are brothers. Apparently (even the fictional story is unclear), a fire caused by The Undertaker when he was a kid killed their mother and left Kane emotionally disturbed. Therefore Kane hates The Undertaker, who of course hates him back.

Did undertaker and Kane kill there parents?

Theyre parents died in a house fire when Kane & The Undertaker were kids: Kane found a box of matches and he started playing with it and the undertaker blames himself because he says he shouldve known better than letting Kane playing with the box of matches They also found oil, which helped cause the fire. i dont think they really did Its not real its part of the storyline between undertaker and kane's relationship

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