Did the undertaker really retire

Updated: 11/24/2022
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The Undertaker has not retired. He is taking time off to recover from surgery.

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Q: Did the undertaker really retire
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When will the undertaker retire?

The Undertaker will retire when he dies

Did undertaker retire what year?

undertaker never retired

Is undertaker about to retire because he is hurt?

NO. The Undertaker will be back.

Has WWE superstar the undertaker retired?

Undertaker hasn't retire but there are rumors that he is going to retire with a streak 20-0. :)

Did The Undertaker retire after Wrestlemania 30?

The Undertaker is going to retire the next day at WrestleMania 32 when he faces Sting.

Will the Undertaker and Kane reunite?

no. the Undertaker retired on June 1, 2008 the undertaker did not retire on smack down! how could he retire when he appeared on smack down September 4,2009

Did WWE the undertaker retire after wm25?


Did Shawn micheals retire or did he really get beat by undertaker?

He retired. Something probably came up that he needed to quit.

Will WWE undertaker retire?

Yes, but not for a while

Will the undertaker come back with the ministry of darkness?

No. The Undertaker will retire in the next 2 years

Is undertaker going to retire this wrestlmania?

no he will retire after wrestlemania28 and he will keep his streak all the way

Will Undertaker retire at WrestleMania?

No, I don't think so.