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yes he had a match against khali ,khali got a chair and closed the chair on undertakers neck hardly.

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Q: Did the undertaker break his neck?
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Is The Undertaker's neck broken?

No, The Undertaker's neck is not broken.

Did the undertaker die from a neck injurie?

No, he did not. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Why is undertaker gone?

He isn't he is taking a break because he almost broke his neck in the match against Shawn michaels. undertaker will return at Summer Slam. As for Shawn he will return late 2009 or early 2010.

Why did the undertaker take a break?

To break his previous records

How did Andre the giant break his neck?

Andre did not break his neck

Why did Sarah and the undertaker divorcedoes he still have her name under his neck what is the undertakers real Sarah and the undertaker have kids.?

what is the undertakers real name did Sarah and the undertaker get a divorce and why and does he still have her name tatoo under his neck.

Where can you find a good picture of the Undertaker's skeleton tattoo on his neck?

google images of undertaker's skeleton tattoo

Did the undertaker die from neck injuries today?

no he needs surgrey but no

Can an owl break its neck?

Yes, with enough force, an owl can break its neck.

Will anyone break the undertaker's streak?

No. Not ever.

Why did Kane and the undertaker break up?

For publicity

Does the Undertaker look good?

The undertaker has tons of tatoo's all over his body. He has a tatoo on his neck and all over his body

Is the undertaker divorced?

yes the undertaker is divorced. if you have seen his neck he had a tattoo taht sayd Sara which is his ex- wife's name.

Is it true undertaker just broke his neck and died?

no its not true its a fable

Has the undertaker had his 'sara' tattoo removed from his neck?

yes. he had it lasered off

Will undertaker come to wwe?

The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon

When was Break Ya Neck created?

Break Ya Neck was created on 2001-08-25.

When did the undertaker retire?

Because he might of needed a break

Why is the undertaker not fighting?

Either due to a break or a injury.

Why was the undertaker's tattoo on his neck that says Sara not on his neck And then why was it back on there just recently?

he used makeup 2 cover it up!

How do you break your neck?

you can break it by grabbing your head and twisting it

When will undertaker return to the WWE?

I was reading an article that was talking about the undertaker and believe that it said something about a years break

WHAT DOES The undertaker's sarr tattoo ON HIS NECK stand for?

its Sarah a it's his wife's name

Who is the Undertaker's currently married to?

Yes to Sara it's written on the front of his neck.

When is wearing a neck brace necessary?

When you break yo neck