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no his contract just expirierd

June 2010 - Wrong his contract has not expired his contract still has 2 years left on it. He is injuried and will be out until August

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โˆ™ 2010-06-06 03:04:26
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Q: Did the under taker from WWE wrestling die?
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Did Lita from the WWE die?

No she did not die. She just retired from WWE wrestling

Did under taker really die?

No, he is alive and well.

Did the undertaker died in WWE wrestling 2012?

NO, the Undertaker did not die.

Did Undertaker die?

No the Under Taker did not die.No, he is very much alive.

Did WWE John cena die?

No, John Cena is still alive and wrestling.

Did WWE wrestler undertaker die?

Yes, The Undertaker will die as he is a human being. Only in WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment )/WWF ( World Wrestling Federation ) he is the ghost or what the people say "Big Evil". Undertaker is not dead but will die of course.

Can you die in WWE wrestling?

You can die in any profession. Since its creation only five superstars have died while under contract,but only one died in the ring and that person is owen hart.

Did john Felix Anthony cena die?

No. He is very much alive and actively wrestling in WWE RAW

What is the death grip?

Well,...... it is a something used to incapacitatean enemy when your about to die. and it is a wrestling technique used in ufc and wwe.

Where can WWE wrestling videos be viewed online?

WWE videos can be viewed on YouTube and on the wrestling-dedicated video site WatchWrestling. Frankly, this writer considers the best part of the videos to be the comments section and wholly recommends the die-hard fans at WatchWrestling

Did the boogeyman die on WWE?

No he was released on March 4, 2009 WWE announced that they had released Wright from his WWE contract. Boogeyman debuted for John Cena Sr.'s based Millennium Wrestling Federation at Soul Survivor VI April 24th, 2010

Did big show really die if yes then how?

No, the Big Show didn't die, he has took time off from the WWE to recover from injuries he got from wrestling on the ECW brand. He has since lost a lot of weight and has stopped smoking to try and get back into a physical wrestling state.

Will edge go back to WWE?

No. Edge is done wrestling at the urging of his doctors. He has a spinal condition and if he wrestles again he could become paralyzed or even die.

How did the undertaker of WWE die?

no wwe is just faking it

Can you smoke marijuana before having a vasectomy?

Probably not a good Idea but you sound like a risk taker to me... If you're being put under by an Anesthesiologist you might die.

Did WWE undertackers die?


Did wwe's carlito die?


Will WWE undertaker die?


Did The Boogeyman die?

No and he is still wrestling

How did rikishie die on WWE?

The WWE wrestler died from a heart attack

Did Sean Michaels die?

no he did not die he just quit wrestling

How did Rodrigo Batista die?

how did batista from wwe die

How did WWE superstar boogeyman die?

The boogeyman did not die!

Who was the undretakers real dad and is real mom did they die to?

The answer is yes.At 80s the home where Undertaker,Kane and Taker's parents lived was burned at a fire.Undertaker saved his brother Kane but he couldn't saved his parents who died.And of course now Undertaker is in The Best 5 WWE Wrestlers Of All Time based at the official WWE site.

Did someone die in extreme championship wrestling?