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Yes, the Patriots made the playoffs. They won the AFC East with a record of 12-4, and are the #2 AFC Seed. The do not play on wildcard weekend (1/4 & 1/5) but will play in the divisional round on Saturday 1/11/14.

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Q: Did the patriots make the playoffs?
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How many games did the patriots win in 2002 playoffs?

None - the Patriots did not make the playoffs in 2002.

Is patriots in the playoffs in 2010?

Nobody knows if they will make the playoffs next year.

Is the patriots going to playoffs in 2010?

The Patriots won 14 of 16 games and made the playoffs in 2010.

Why didnt the patriots make the playoffs in 09?

The reason why the Patriots did not make the playoffs is because at least 1 team from each division goes into the playoffs; the one who wins the division always goes. The patriots went 11-5, and the Ravens went 11-5 (neither won their division) but the Ravens had a better division record, therefore they get the priority spot over the patriots.

How many times have the New England Patriots beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs?

The Patriots have beaten the Steelers three times in the playoffs.

Can the patriots still make it to the Super Bowl in 2010?

Yeah, they're in the playoffs and they have a good team

When was the last time the New England Patriots did not make the playoffs?

2008, when they went 11-5.

What year did dallas cowboys and New England Patriots miss the playoffs?

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs for three straight years - 2010-12. The Patriots last missed the playoffs in 2008.

What do the Pittsburgh Steelers need to do to get into the 2009 playoffs?

The Steelers did not make the playoffs in 2009. They won their remaining 3 games, but they did not get the help they needed From The Patriots, Jets or Ravens.

Who did the patriots lose to in 2008 playoffs?

The Patriots did not qualify for the 1008 playoffs despite finishing with a record of 11-5. They tied the Miami Dolphins with the same record, but lost the tie breakers. The Dolphins got in the playoffs and the Patriots were left outside in the cold.

How many times has the New England Patriots made it into the playoffs?

Counting the AFL, the Patriots appeared in the playoffs in 16 different seasons, one in the old AFL as the Boston Patriots, and the rest in the NFL.

How many times have the Patriots made it to the playoffs?


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