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Yes, the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI. Super Bowl XXXVI

New England Patriots - 21 (Tom Brady, University of Michigan)

St Louis Rams - 19 (Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa)

Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Date: 2/3/2002

MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England

Head Coaches:

NE - Bill Belichick

STL - Mike Martz

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No. The accusation was made nearly ten years after the game that the Patriots had illegally videotaped a Rams pregame walkthrough, but the charge had never been made by the Rams themselves, it was made by a reporter for the Boston Herald; the report was disproved by investigations by both the league and by other areas of the media.

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The Denver Broncos won the game.

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Q: Did the patriots cheat against the rams in super bowl 36?
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Did the patriots cheat in the super bowl against the rams?

No. The Patriots never spied on or taped the Rams practice at the Super Bowl.

Who was the coach of the New England Patriots in super bowl XXXIV?

The Patriots did not play in Super Bowl XXXIV. That was the Rams and Titans. The PAtriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI, against the Rams, Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers, and Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles. Bill Belichick was coach for all of these.

Who will win the Super Bowl XLVI?

Giants because patriots cheat

Who did terry Bradshaw play against in the Super Bowl?

he played against the patriots

Patriots first super bowl?

The New England Patriots played in Super Bowl XX against the Chicago Bears. However, they lost 46 to 10.

What color will the giants wear to the Super Bowl against the patriots?


Who did the packers play against when they won the Super Bowl?

New England Patriots

How many super bowl rings does Chicago have?

1 in 1985 against the Patriots

Have Philadelphia Eagles ever won the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. The Eagles have played in two Super Bowls (XV against the Raiders and XXXIX against the Patriots) and lost both times.Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. The Eagles have played in two Super Bowls (XV against the Raiders and XXXIX against the Patriots) and lost both times.No. Although the Eagles have attended many championship games and been a participant at the Super Bowl, they have never won one.

Who wins the Super Bowl 46?

Its a patriots V.S. giants super bowl. The giants will win because they have a history of beating the patriots. If we go back in time to earlier times in the season we would see that the giants won against the patriots. Then in 2007 for super bowl 42 the giants won.

Did the panthers ever play a Super Bowl game?

They played in Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) against the Patriots and lost 32-29.

What Super Bowl did the Patriots defeat the Saints?

The Patriots have never faced the Saints in the Super Bowl.