Did the packers have another name?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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No. They got the name packers from a meat packaging company that donated money to them when the NFL was starting.

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Q: Did the packers have another name?
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What was the Green Bay Packers first team name?

Acme Packers

Why does Brett Favre playing for the vikings?

He wants to win another SuperBowl and to burn the Packers.

What is the first name of Green Bay Packers number 38?

Tramon williams wears #38 for the Packers

The name of the packers stadium?

Lambeau Field

Name center for greenbay packers Super Bowl 1?

Bill Curry.Curry played with the Packers in 1965 and 1966.

What team name begins with p?

There's the Packers

Name of Green Bay Packers quarterback from 1961 to 1971?

Bryan Bartlett "Bart" Starr was the Packers quarterback from 1957 - 1971

What year did the geeenbay packers change their name?

The team has always been the Packers, named for the Indian Packing Company, an original sponsor.

What is the name of the first field where the Packers played?

Hagemeister Park

What is the name of Packers horse in the film Cannibal The Musical?


Football name binging with g?

Greenbay Packers or Giants.

Was the Green Bay Packers always had the same name?