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No they have not

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Q: Did the orioles ever have an all switch hitting infield?
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Did the Dodgers ever have an all switch hitting infield?

In 1965, the Dodgers fielded a lineup with an all switch-hitting infield, they were: 1B - Wes Parker 2B - Jim Lefebvre SS - Maury Wills 3B - Junior GilliamThis was one of the Dodgers' secondary infield alignments. Their everyday third baseman was John Kennedy, a right-handed batter.

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Bonds has never played an infield position during his time in MLB. He played 2,715 games in left field, 171 games in center field, 1 game in right field, and 39 games as designated hitter.

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Did the Baltimore Orioles ever lose 100 games in a year?

1954 and 1988

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No, never - he has only broken the switch-hitting code once, batting right-handed against Tim Wakefield for one at bat in 2000. He walked.

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Correct your grammar. Then I will consdier answering your question

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