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It depends on what years I dont beleive so. I cant seem to find anything with jersy numbers.

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Q: Did the negro leagues wear jersey numbers?
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Do soccer players have to wear a number on their uniform?

There is no requirement in the FIFA Law of the Game for the jerseys to have numbers on them. However, most leagues do implement requirements that players be uniquely identifiable by their jersey. Numbers are usually mandated for this purpose because of potential language difficulties.

Do baseball players have to wear different numbers?

In the major leagues, yes, its so you can tell them apart.

Which numbers can a NFL wide receiver wear on his jersey?

He can wear 10-19 or 80-89.

Were the Yankees the first to wear numbers on their jersey?

yes the numbers reflected where the player typically hit in the lineup.

What jersey numbers did desmund howard wear for the Green Bay Packers?

He wore the number 81

What color uniform will the New York Giants wear at the super bowl?

white jersey with red numbers

Famous colombian soccer player jersey numbers?

Carlos Valderrama used to wear the No. 10 shirt.

What jersey numbers do defensive players wear?

A cornerback wears 20-49 A defensive lineman can wear 50-79 and 90-99 A linebacker can wear 50-59 and 90-99

What number did Johnny Schulte wear in 1927?

Johnny played for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1927 and the Cardinals did not have jersey numbers that year ... they began wearing numbers in 1932.

What did the settlers in New Jersey wear?

what did the new jersey settlers wear

Which current player wears the number 59?

There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

What is the range of numbers that a quarter back can wear on their jersey?

This depends on level of play. In Pee-Wee, High School and College; the generally accepted numbers for a Quarterback are 1-29. NFL Pros are only allowed to wear 1-19.