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Q: Did the navy ever use the draft?
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What are the release dates for Navy Log - 1955 The Draft Dodger 3-23?

Navy Log - 1955 The Draft Dodger 3-23 was released on: USA: 20 February 1958

What was the draft system?

During the Vietnam war , the U.S.a used the draft system, that is you could be drafted into the army, navy or air force.

What month and year did the Navy draft?

I know they drafed quite a few in October of 1965

Are firefighters exempt from the draft?

There hasent been a military draft since the Vietnam war but if they ever reinstated the draft firefighters would not be exempt

How can you find out if someone was in the navy for free?

what was the date that draft during world war II ended?

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Was Lincoln ever in the navy?

No, Lincoln was not in the navy. He served in the army during the Blackhawk War.

Who is the most famous corporal for the navy?

There are no Corporals in the United States Navy nor has there ever been any Corporals in the Navy.

Who was the Cavaliers first draft pick ever?

John johnson

Will the bears will ever win a Super Bowl?

It depends who they draft

Will there be another draft?

Possibly in the future if there is ever another worldwar

Who was the Falcon's first draft choice?

The Falcons first ever draft choice was linebacker Tommy Nobis out of the University of Texas.