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Q: Did the man who invented jogging die while jogging?
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Who was the original inventor and when was the cell phone invented?

It was invented by a man named Martin Cooper in 1973 while he was working for Motorola and I dis

Who invented fast foods?

a black man and a white man having anal while eating chicken

What happens to the circulatory system when a man goes from standing to jogging?

It speeds up.

Was the cell-phone invented in 2003?

no,cell-phone was invented in 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper while he was working for Moto co.

Who is the random guy in donnie darko?

Tom Tangen as the "Man in the Red Jogging Suit" .

When was the green man invented?

why the green man was invented

Who is the man who invented the Fountain Pen?

Around the year 1825 a famous romanian inventor, Petrache Poenaru, invented the fountain pen, while he was a student in Paris.

Who was Thomas newcome?

# tomes newcomer is a man how invented a steam engine that pumpe out water,he die in 1967-1970

Who invented computer parts?

The printed circuit board was invented by Paul Eisler. He invented it while working on a radio in 1936, and it is designed to hold electronic circuits, ICs, switches, and other components.

Who is Fredrik Lundstroem of Sweden?

Swedish man who invented the dish "Devil Chicken" while thinking of children in Africa.

Who invented the panini?

Many years a go a intelligent man use to invent food he was about to die and he said he is going to make something before he goes and then he invented the panini and died.

Who made more money the man who invented the shoe lace or the man who invented shoe lace tips?

The man who invented the shoelace tips.