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no they did not, they played it with their hands.

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Q: Did the incans play soccer with their feet?
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What did the incans play?

They played a sport called tlachti which is a mixture of kickball,basketball, and soccer.

Why do you play soccer with your feet?

i play soccer with my feet because it is part of body exercise

What sports can you play with your feet?


Why was soccer develpoed?

Soccer was developed to just have a game to play with your feet.

Can you play soccer with out any legs?

No, You cannot play soccer without any legs (unless you have very high tech prosthetic legs). You need your feet to play soccer. If you don't have any legs than you don't have any feet to play soccer with!

In the game of soccer why can you only use your feet?

In soccer, you can use everything but your hands and arms. The reason for that is because that is how you play soccer.

How does volleyball compare in participation to soccer?

you use your hands in volleyball and in soccer you use ur feet and u play on a cort in volleyball and in soccer u play on a feild

What are the names of all the sports you can play only with your feet?

Kickball and Soccer.

Which of the following is least like the other four?

the answer is soccer because all the rest is using hands to play but soccer is using your feet to play.

Can the deaf play soccer?

Yes he can as in football , you need good feet and eyes.

How do you play soccer Leo's way?

With your feet and chest and knee and head and hands if you are a goalie. If you dont know how to juke you are dum. So come on you no how to play soccer.

Is soccer the only sport you can play with your feet?

In all sports feet are needed to play if players are healthy. On the contrary, you are talking about disabled people using their wheel chairs.

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