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Q: Did the famous lacrosse player jen Adams have a speech?
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What is the name of a famous women lacrosse player?

jen Adams

What are some famous girls lacrosse teams?

jen Adams

Is Valerie Adams famous?

Valerie Adams is famous. She is famous because she is a gold medalist in shot put.

Why is john Adams famous?

John Adams is famous because he is the second president and he was also a leader in the army.

What did he do Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams was a famous photographer.

You are looking for a speech on Abigail Adams?


Who are 2 famous people from Florida and why are they famous?

timariam because she can sing her heart out! lorenzo adams because he is the best oregon football player tynica because she can dance

Why is John James Adams famous for?

John Adams was famous for being a President and being in the Revolutionary War!!

What is valerie Adams the famous shot putters parents?

Abigail Adams

What college did NBA player Steven Adams play for?

Steven Adams plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Why was Abigail Adams so impotant?

Why was Abigail Adams so important or famous

What did Eva Adams do to get famous?

she was an actor