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Q: Did the coach of the Florida gators make Gatorade?
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What university is Gatorade named after?

yes they did, they were tryinng to make a more refreshing drink that is still healthy

How did the Florida gators get their team name?

Actually The Florida Gators got there name because a men in the late 70s bought several acres of land that he wanted to Make as a College. But when he went to go meet with the landlord there was a whole bunch of alligators and some where laying eggs. SO he called the College " Unviersity of Florida, HOme of the Gators" THank you I am the #1 fan of the Florida Gators Football team. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GATORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOmP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< "And that's the rest of the story"

What will make the tallest plant Gatorade water or vitamin water?


Who was first college football coach to make 1 million?

Bobby Bowden from Florida State, was the first college football coach to earn $1 million for a season in 2001.

Does Gatorade make you sick if you are not exercising when you drink it?

No. You do not need to be excersizing to be able to drink Gatorade. Gatorade is also a good source of electrolytes.

Why does Gatorade make plants grow faster?

because Gatorade has more anti-biozied.

Does Gatorade make n2 sports drink?

No it is made by PurAqua it is a knock off of Gatorade

Does Gatorade make your bones weaker or affect them in any way?

yes it does because some Gatorade has sugar and other things up in it so my answer would be yes Gatorade does make you weaker

What animal eats the American alligator?

Adult gators can be preyed on by larger gators and occasionally pythons (though large gators often will make a meal out of the big snake than the snake will be making a meal out of it!!). Young gators or hatchlings are targets for snapping turtles, egrets and herons, carnivorous fish like the alligator gar and catfish, other gators, etc.

Do Gatorade make you have a big stomach?

i do not know

Can Gatorade get rid of strep throat?

Gatorade won't get rid of strep throat, but it may make it feel better.

Why did they make Gatorade?

To quench the football players thirst.