Did the cardinals win

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yup, 8 to 4.

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The last game the St. Louis Cardinals played they lost to the giants.

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Q: Did the cardinals win
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Who is bound to win cardinals or eagles?

cardinals 2008 NFC championship game - Cardinals 32, Eagles 25

How many games did the St. Louis Cardinals win in 1996?

who many games did the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team win in 1996

Who will win the Super Bowl in 08?


Will the cardinals win the Super Bowl?

As of 2010, they won't win until they get a good quarterback.

Who do the Jonas Brothers like steelers or cardinals?

The Jonas Brothers wanted the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl.

How many games did the Arizona Cardinals win in 2010?

The Cardinals posted a 5-and-11 record in 2010.

What day did the cardinals win the world series in 2011?

Game Seven was won by the Cardinals on October 28th.

Who will win eagles or cardinals?

cardinals of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its my opinion though.i know that eagles had 11-5 and cardinals had 10-6 but now eagles have 11-6 because they lost against cowboys and cardinals have 11-6 because they won packers.they are tied up.but if cardinals lose saints they will have 11-7but if they win they will have 12-6.eagles are out of the playoffs and cardinals are still in.but they could get out by losing saints or win saints and lose whoever won vikings vs cowboys but if they win both they will get into the super bowl.besides they have Kurt Warner who is hecka good.

What are the Odds the cardinals win the Super Bowl?


Did the Arizona Cardinals win Super Bowl played in Tampa?


Who would win the Yankees or the cardinals?

Yankees, without question.

What year did the cardinals win their last NFL championship?