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Q: Did the back of nile kinnick's jersey have his number on it?
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Who wore number 47 Iowa hawkeyes football jersey?

nile kinnik

Who wore number 24 Iowa Hawkeyes football jersey?

Nile Kinnick, he was the 1939 Heisman Trophy too.

What is the location of the Nile River?

It is in Africa and flows through a number of different countries. The link below is a detailed map of the Nile.

What type of landform has the Nile River formed?

The river has produced a number of landforms - The Nile River Valley, the Nile River Delta and a number of waterfalls.

Is there a Hudson River in Eygpt?

No there is only the Nile River. The Hudson River is in New York and New Jersey in the U.S.

How many people live along the Nile?

There is a number of about 340 millon poeple that live along the nile

Dose a nile monitor lizards tail grow back if it has fell off?

no, not like someother species of lizards the nile monitor lizards tail doesn't grow back.

When was the nile built?

it was not built because it is nature. it was present back in the dawn of men as one of the civilizations started there at Nile River.

Why does the Nile river always over flow?

In the winter, snow and ice accumulates in the mountains where a number of the Nile's tributaries begin. When the spring comes and this frozen water thaws, it increases the amount of water in the Nile River, causing it to overflow its banks. Note: The Nile no longer exhibits this behavior in most of Egypt due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam which effectively holds back the additional water.

Does the river Nile separate then come back together before ending up in the Mediterrenean?

No, since each Nile mouth drains into the Mediterrenean themselves.

How is the Nile River different today then centuries ago?

Back then, the Nile River contained a great number of fertile land. And that fertile land help the Egyptians plant food and crops. In the modern world today, that fertile land no longer exists; it is all just empty lonely desert.

What puzzled herodotus about the Nile River?

Herodotus was puzzled by the annual flooding of the Nile River, as he couldn't understand why the river would flood predictably every year and bring fertility to the surrounding lands. He also marveled at the source of the Nile, as it was a mystery to him at the time.