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Q: Did the army discontinue sponsor nhra race?
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What is the minimum age to race NHRA?

NHRA has a Jr. Dragster Racing League in which competitors can be as young as eight years old.

Who will win this Race NHRA?

Not enough info to answer your question.

What is nhra?

NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION this is what i race. i drive a jr dragster. but NHRA holds all sorts of drag racing events

Does Walgreens sponsor a Nascar race car?


What does the Susan G Koman foundation sponsor?

Susan G Koman is an organization is involved in many aspects of the community. One of the major fundraisers that they sponsor is a 5K race. The name of this race is the Race For The Cure.

What is the average cost to sponsor a Nascar race car?

The amount of money to sponsor a NASCAR race car can vary by the driver. Some only cost $25,000 per race while others can be up to $1 million per race.

Who was Kyle Petty's sponsor in his last race?

In Kyle Petty's last Nascar race on November 9, 2008, his main sponsor was Wells Fargo.

Do people sponsor the racers in the Iditarod race?

peple sponsor the iditarod dog sled race to see if the dog wins they will win the bet and the money they placed on the dog.

Who was the sponsor on Dale Earnhardt Sr's car in 1998 in the race in Japan?

In the 1998 race in Japan, Coca-Cola was the sponsor on Dale Sr's car.

Can you sponsor an entire sport?

Yes, A-B ( makers of Budweiser) sponsor the whole sport of pro race car driving.

What year did Wrangler first sponsor Dale Earnhardt Sr?

Wrangler started to sponsor Dale Sr. in the last race of the 1980 season. Wrangler stood as a sponsor for Dale through the 1987 season.

Fastest race car?

The Porsche(Sponsor Sunoco)Sunoco has been our fastest race car.It goes up to 1000 horsepower!

Who was Kurt Busch's sponsor for the Daytona 500 race in 2003?

For the 2003 Daytona 500, Rubbermaid was Kurt Busch's sponsor.

Why do some drivers have 20000 to 40000 in earnings and have no races how can that be?

The reason they have such high earnings and not compete in any races is because they are paid for sponsorship. If they have a sponsor but don't make the race they get paid to franchise the sponsor. as long as they talk about there sponsor then they get paid.

How long do you have to be in college to be a race car driver?

You don't have to go to college to be a race car driver. Although it is a plus to a potential sponsor if you have a degree.

Does the owner or driver pay fpr gas that is used in a race?

Unless his sponsor does, yes.

Describe what the army race was?

the army race was like totaly cool dont you think like totaly asome

How do you thank your sponsors on car town?

If you want to thank your sponsor on car town,first you have to go to the NASCAR Pro Championship on your GPS. Then you have to race. Once you have raced it'll say thank your sponsor.Even if you have all ready completed the NASCAR challenge you can still re race, and once you finish the race it'll say thank your sponsor.

How is a nhra drag race scored?

frist one to get to the finsh line frist wins and if u get as better rection time u useley have the advance

How do you get a race for life sponsor form?

Either go on the website or ask a friend to invite you from the website.

What company has sponsored a Nascar race the longest?

Coca Cola has sponsored the World 600 at Charlotte since 1985 making it the longest race sponsor in the sport.

How do NASCAR Drivers get from race to race?

Live streaming on 2014 Auto Club NHRA Finals Nov. 13-16 Live streaming The Automobile Club of Southern California 2014 NHRA Finals is an annual four-day drag racing event held in November at the Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. Built in 1951. The Auto Club Raceway at Pomona is a racing facility with a 40,000-person capacity and home to one of the most well known drag strips in North America. Beginning in 1965, the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA features four different classes of drag racing including pro stock motorcycle races. Part of the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals is the culmination of the twenty-two race circuit and offers the last opportunity to win the titles of both event and season champion, along with over $100,000 in prize money. Past Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals winners include Del Worsham, Andrew Hines, and Tony Schumacher"

How do you unlock a army bike in bike race?

Army bike

Who is the driver of car number 10?

Need to specify which race series - there are several, including NASCAR, IMSA-GTP, Formula 1, Indy, NHRA, etc.

Why did Jimmie Johnson change numbers in the 2011 All-Star race?

The Team changed from # 48 to the #5 because of their sponsor`s ( Lowes) special of 5% off of their products. The sponsor is an important part of a team and doing things like this for your sponsor helps out the team as well.