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The five Olympic rings were not designed until 1913. There were no Olympic rings associated with the ancient Olympic Games.

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That is a modern invention, designed in 1913.

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Q: Did the ancient Olympics have the five rings?
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Are there always five rings in the Olympics?

Yes Five rings as there are five continents

How many rings are in the Olympics emblem?


Did the ancient Olympics have the Olympic rings?

No,they did not have it back then.

Why are there five rings in the olympics?

5 continents

How many rings are on Olympics flag?

Five of them

Did the ancient Greeks invent the rings in the Olympics?


The Olympics flag has five of these?

The Olympic flag has five rings. These rings, along with their five different colors, represent the international flavor of the Olympics. Specifically, they represent the colors on the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 Olympics.

What does every ring in the Olympics symbolise?

"The five rings represent the five continents.

What are the five ancient games that were played?

What were the five ANCIENT games that were played in the olympics in 2010

Why does the Olympics logo have five looped rings and why they are the colour they are?

four the five fingers of your hands

When did the 5 rings become the face of the Olympics?

it is representative of the five continents

What symbol of the ancient games is still presented at the modern Olympics?

5 rings