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Kinda ... after starting 33 games for the 1959 White Sox, second most on the team, he was used 3 times for 4 innings in relief during the World Series but got no starts.

Nobody seems to know why Pierce didn't get a start in the WS when a 39 year old Early Wynn got 3 and upstart Bob Shaw got 2. Some theories are out there ... maybe manager Al Lopez and Billy had 'fallen out of favor' with each other, maybe Lopez didn't want a lefty pitching to the Dodgers lineup, especially at the Dodgers home field at Memorial Coliseum where the length down the left field line was only 251 feet, maybe Pierce being ineffective in his last two starts of the season made Lopez weary ... nobody knows.

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Q: Did the White Sox bench Billy Pierce in the 1959 World series?
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