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No, no medals at all

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2010-04-28 23:28:54
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Q: Did the USA handball team win any gold medals?
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What team won the most medals at the first Olympics?

Greece, but the USA won the most gold medals.

What country has won the most track and field gold medals in the Olympics?

Team USA.

What country has the best handball team?

USA does if football is handball, then yes

How many medals does Michael Phelps need to beat the world record?

He needs to win eight gold medals. The previous record is seven gold medals set by Mark Spitz, also on team USA. Right now Phelps has a record of 11 olympic gold medals.

Who won the most gold medals?

USA is the all-time leader in Gold medals.

Who is predicted to get the most gold medals in London 2012 Olympics?

USA will get the most gold medals, however China will lead in total medals. USA won 104 Medals and 46 Gold medals winning both counts

Who has the most gold medals?


What medals did Chris Bosh earn in basketball?

Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympics (Team USA) Bronze Medal in the 2006 FIBA World Championships (Team USA)

Who has won the most gold medals in the 2012 Olympics?

The USA won 46 Gold Medals

How many gold medals did the 1980 US summer Olympic team win?

The USA boycotted that Olympic game.

How many gold medals us won in the 2012 Olympics?

USA won 46 Gold medals and 104 total medals

How many gold medals has the US won in all of Olympic history?

According to the NBC Olympics web site, Team USA has a total of 990 gold medals as of the end of the 2012 Summer Olympics. According to Wikipedia, based on the single entries from the IOC database, Team USA has won a total of 1062 gold medals, including 975 from the Summer games and 87 from the Winter games.

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