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YES! It was sponsored by Sandpiper Resorts in St. Petersburg FL. Played at home games - pre game and post game, and pep rallies at Tyrone Mall in St. Petersburg.

The Band Director was Dean Page. Many of the band members were graduates of the University of Tampa Band from the Seventies, all of whom had fond memories of that great Gridiron, "Go Spartans".

The very first Bucs Band was a Professional band. The core of the band was a Group known in the TB area as The Count Four, Frank Menendez, Jerry Alfonzo, Roy Shultz, and John J.P. Wilson. Frank Mendez would hire Wind player to enhance the group to make a Jazz Band. We would Split up for Pre-game to have a Dixieland band and a Pep band. The original Bucs Band played in the North End-zone of the Old Tampa Stadium. We saw Ricky Bell Catch the First Home Touchdown. Wow that was Great.

Count Four played most if not all the Pro Exposition Games prior to the Buccaneers. For those Games they set up near the South End-zone on the sidelines. Those were the Days my friend!

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Q: Did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ever have a Band?
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