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The Yankees and the Cardinals have played two series since interleague play began in 1977.

New York swept St. Louis in a three-game series played June 13-15, 2003, at Yankee Stadium. The Cardinals retaliated two years later, winning two of three contests in a three-game series played June 10-12, 2005, in St. Louis.

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The 1985 World Series began on October 19, 1985 and ended October 27. The American League champion Kansas City Royals played against the National League champion St. Louis Cardinals, winning the series four games to three. The Series was popularly known as the "Show-Me Series", or the "I-70 Showdown Series," as both cities are in Missouri, connected by Interstate 70.

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Yes, they have. The Cardinals and Yankees have played each other in the World Series and also in Interleague play.

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Q: Did the St. Louis Cardinals ever play the New York Yankees?
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