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Yes, they won 43 to 8 over the Denver Broncos.

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Q: Did the Seahawks win the 2014 Super Bowl?
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Who will win the super bowl in 2014?

Seatle Seahawks

Seahawks win loss record?

in 2014-2015 the seahawks were 14-4 going into the super bowl

Who will win the 2015 Super Bowl poll?


Who will win super bowl 50?

Seahawks Panthers or Bengals

Who is going win super bowl 44?

The ColtsThe Seahawks

Who is going to win the super bowl XLV?


Who did Pittsburgh beat in their last Super Bowl win?

Seattle Seahawks

When did Seattle seahawks win the super bowl?

They have not won a Superbowl yet.

When Did Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl?

The Seattle Seahawks have been to the Super Bowl three times. They first appeared in 2005, then in 2013 and 2014. They have won one Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl XLVIII (2013) against the Denver Broncos.

When will the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

Once they draft better players.

Will the Seattle seahawks win the super bowl?

Once they draft better players.

Will the Seahawks ever win a Super Bowl?

No, is my thought. 2008 is the 41st Super Bowl, and they've only gone once......AND LOST! I am a fan, but, maybe they'll make it, in 2100! Please win Seahawks... Ooops!Sorry.