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Yes, they have. Through the 2011 season, the San Diego Chargers have an all-time regular season record of 6-21 against the Steelers.

The Chargers are 2-1 versus the Steelers in postseason meetings.

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Q: Did the San Diego Chargers ever play the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Have the San Diego Chargers ever beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes they have. The most recent win for the Chargers was on October 8, 2006 in San Diego winning 23-13.

Was there ever an NFL score of 11-10?

Yes, the last 0-0 game in the NFL was in 1943 between the Lions and the Giants.

Have the chargers ever won a championship?

The San Diego Chargers have won 15 division championships as of 2014. They have made 18 playoff appearances and are part of the AFC West.

Were the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team ever called the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, they were not. However the Pittsburgh Steelers football team was known as the Pirates from 1933-1939.

Did San Diego Chargers ever score 64 points?


Did the ravens ever win the Pittsburgh Steelers while playing in Pittsburgh?

The Ravens have defeated the Steelers at home more than once in Pittsburgh over the years.

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever been in the NFC?

No, they have not. The Steelers were always an AFC based team, starting from 1933 when they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever moved to a different city?

No, they have not. They have been in Pittsburgh since 1933.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers ever go to the Super Bowl?

Yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers have gone to eight Super Bowls. They have a 6-2 record.

How many teams start 0-4 and make playoffs?

None. The worst start ever overcome to make the playoffs was the San Diego chargers who overcame an 0-4 start to win their division.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers first opponent ever?

The Pittsburgh Steelers ( then named the Pittsburgh Pirates ) first game was on September 20, 1933. They lost 23 - 2 to the NY Giants.

Has the San Diego Chargers ever been relocated?

Way back when they were the Los Angeles Chargers, old AFL days