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No. They were the LA Raiders for a period between the time they were the Oakland Raiders.

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Q: Did the Oakland Raiders used to be the kc raiders?
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What is the name of the Kansas City Chiefs mascot?

KC Wolf

Who won two World Series in the 1980's?

World Series Winners 1980 -19891980 - Philadelphia Phillies1981 - Los Angeles Dodgers1982 - St. Louis Cardinals1983 - Baltimore Orioles1984 - Detroit Tigers1985 - KC Royals1986 - New York Mets1987 - Minnesota Twins1988 - Los Angeles Dodgers1989 - Oakland Athletics

What are the initials of the 32 NFL teams?

NE (Patriots) NYJ (Jets) MIA (Dolphins) BUF (Buffalo) PIT (Steelers) BAL (Ravens) CLE (Browns) CIN (Bengals) HOU (Texans) IND (Colts) JAC or JAX (Jaguars) TEN (Titans) DEN (Broncos) KC (Chiefs) SD (Chargers) OAK (Raiders) DAL (Cowboys) WSH or WAS (Redskins) NYG (Giants) PHI (Eagles) MIN (Vikings) GB (Packers) DET (Lions) CHI (Bears) NO (Saints) TB (Buccaneers) ATL (Falcons) CAR (Panthers) SF (49ers) SEA (Seahawks) ARI or ARZ (Cardinals) STL (Rams)

Who was baseballs first bench coach?

Bob Schaeffer, under John Wathan, 1991 KC Royals.

How many times have packers won the super bowl?

The packer have actually won the Superbowl only 4 times, as of the 2010-2011 season.1) Super Bowl I, 35-10 over the Kansas City Chiefs.2) Super Bowl II, 33-14 over the Oakland Raiders.3) Super Bowl XXXI, 35-21 over the New England Patriots.4) Super Bowl XLV, 31-25 over the Pittsburgh Steelers.4.Super Bowl I vs KC (1966-67)Super Bowl II vs Oakland (1967-68)Super Bowl XXXI vs NE (1996-97)Super Bowl XLV vs Pittsburgh (2010-11)Green Bay played and lost in Super Bowl XXXII to Denver (1997-98)Before the Super Bowl started in 1967, Green Bay was the NFL champion in1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965.The AFL came into existence in 1960. It wasn't until the 1966 season that there was a unified championship game (super bowl) The AFL merged into the NFL by 1970 to make the AFC and NFC conferences in the new expanded NFL.

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What team is rivals with the kc chiefs?


Who is Bo Jackson?

Bo Jackson played with the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. He won rookie of the year with the KC Royals

What is the Kansas City Chiefs all time record versus the Oakland Raiders?

47-43-2- KC Chiefs -Starting the 2005 season

Name the teams that won super bowles?

Green Bay Packers NY Jets KC Chiefs Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins Pittsburgh Steelers Oakland/LA Raiders San Francisco 49ers Washington Redskins Chicago Bears NY Giants Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams Baltimore Ravens New England Patriots Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints

How many times did the New York Jets make the playoffs?

1968 - defeated Oakland Raiders, then won SB III over Baltimore Colts1969 - lost to KC Chiefs1981 - lost to Bills1982 - defeated Bengals and Raiders, reached AFC Title game, lost to Miami Dolphins1985 - lost to New England Patriots1986 - lost to Cleveland Browns1991 - lost to Houston Oilers1998 - defeated Jacksonville Jaguars, reached AFC Title game, lost to Broncos2001 - lost to Oakland Raiders2002 - defeated Indianapolis Colts, lost to Raiders2004 - defeated San Diego Chargers, lost to Steelers2006 - lost to Patriots2009 - defeated Bengals and Chargers, reached AFC Title game, lost to Indianapolis Colts2010 - defeated Colts and Patriots, reached AFC Title Game, lost to Steelers14 times, with a record of 12-13

What players played in the NFL and Major League Baseball?

Bo Jackson played for the Oakland Raiders, KC Royals, White Sox and the Angels. Deion Sanders - For the NFL, Sanders played for the Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins and the Ravens. In the MLB, Sanders played a nine-year, part-time baseball career, playing 641 games for the Yankees, Braves, and the Cincinnati Reds. He is the only player to ever be in both the Super Bowl and the World Series the same year. I believe Brian Jordan also played both sports.

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What is the name of the kc chief's mascot?

KC Wolf

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