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The Hornets entered the NBA in 1988 as an expansion team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They moved to New Orleans for the 2002-03 season.

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Yes. They were the 7th seed in the West but lost in the 1st round against the Denver Nuggets


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new Orleans they were originally called the Charlotte hornets but the franchise moved to new Orleans but in the 2013-2014 season they will be called the pelicans

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Q: Did the New Orleans hornets play in the playoffs last year?
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What arena do the new orleans hornets play in?

The New Orleans Hornets play at Smoothie King Center. This stadium is host to more than 40 basketball games for the New Orleans Hornets every NBA season.

What is the New Orleans hornets arena?

It's an arena where The Hornets play their home games.

What team does Chris Paul play on?

New Orleans Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets play most of their home games in which city?

In New Orleans, Louisiana

What league to the New Orleans Hornets play in?

The Hornets play in the league of the NBA. I myself is a NBA fan and enjoy watching the Hornets play and many other teams I like. Hope this helped you out.

Do The New Orleans Hornets Play In The Super dome?

No, they play their games in the New Orleans Arena A.K.A "The Hive". It's right next to the Super Dome.

Who did the Cowboys play in the first round of the playoffs in the 06-07 season?

The Cowboys lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 21-20.

What position does James posey play?

James posey plays small forward for the New Orleans Hornets

What does Chris Paul play?

Chris Paul plays the point guard position for the New Orleans Hornets.

What teams did baron Davis play for?

The Golden State Warriors, the New Orleans Hornets, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

What are the major sports teams in Louisiana?

FOOTBALL! Louisiana State University's football program is repeatedly ranked within the top ten teams in the nation. PS - this was answered by a woman

Who do the falcons play in the 2010 playoffs?

Either New Orleans or Seattle (depending on who wins the game this Saturday!).