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During the 2007 season they went undefeated in the regular season before the New York Giants beat them in the Super Bowl

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Q: Did the New England Patriots ever go undefeated?
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Did the Denver Broncos go undefeated?

No. Only the 2007 New England Patriots and the 1972 Dolphins have gone undefeated.

Who is the last team to enter Super Bowl undefeated?

The New England Patriots

Who's the greatest team ever in any sport?

07-08 New England Patriots of course they are undefeated and they're gonna be 17-0 on sunday.

Which team had an undefeated season until losing the 42nd championship game?

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are the best NFL team ever?

Yes, the New England Patriots are the greatest NFL Team ever.

What NFL teams has went 10-0?

im not sure of all them but i know that the Miami Dolphins have gone undefeated, and the New England Patriots have gone undefeated.

How many teams have gone undefeated on the road in the NFL?

1972 Miami Dolphins and 2007 New England Patriots.

Did Reggie Bush ever play for the New England Patriots?

No, Reggie Bush never played for the New England Patriots.

Has an undefeated team ever gone to the Super Bowl and won?

Once, following the 1972 season, the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl to complete the first and last undefeated season. In 2007 the New England Patriots went undefeated and went to the Super Bowl but lost to the New York Giants 17 to 14 in a major upset.

What team played the giants in the Super Bowl last year?

New England Patriots finatl score- 17-14 NY Giants winning

What team beat the 2007 patriots in the championship?

On February 3. 2008, the New York Giants upset the undefeated New England Patriots, 17-14, in Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona.

Who are the best sporting club ever?

New England Patriots