Did the Japanese invent baseball

Updated: 12/20/2022
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no it was introduced to them by the American's woot God bless America :P

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Q: Did the Japanese invent baseball
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Did Japanese invent baseball?

No, baseball was invented in the United States.

Did Japanese invent the subway?

No, the Japanese did not invent the sub way, America did in New your

Who is idea was it to invent anime?

the japanese try asking them

What did the ancient Japanese culture invent?

pottery.. ceramics.

When did Galerija-Prikaz invent baseball?

Galerija-Prikaz did not invent baseball. Baseball is derived from the English game stoolball which originated in the 14th century.

Why is the Japanese baseball different from the American baseball?

the Japanese baseball is lighter in weight

Did Albert spalding invent baseball?


Did egyptians invent baseball and bowling?

No Baseball orginated from Britain and was changed to baseball in America

Did a boy or girl invent baseball?

A girl

When was Japanese Baseball League created?

Japanese Baseball League was created in 1935.

Is Cuba the first country to invent baseball?


What did Alexander J Cartwright invent?

baseball in 1845