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The first thing they have to do is beat New Englnad in the final game of the regular season. Then, two of the three teams...Jets, Broncos and Ravens...have to lose or tie their last game for the Texans to make the playoffs.

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given that the quarterback and its backup are out for season, I don't think so

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Q: Did the Houston Texans go to the playoffs?
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Have the Houston Texans already went to the playoffs?

No. The Texans have yet to make the American Football Conference playoffs.

Teams that never made the playoffs?

Houston Texans has never made the NFL Playoffs.

When was the last time the Houston Texans in playoffs?

The Texans had never made the playoffs prior to this season (2011/12).

Which nfl teams have never been to the playoffs?

With the Houston Texans making the playoffs this year every team will have been to the playoffs.

Is there an NFL team that has never been to the Super Bowl?

Every team has made the playoffs in at least once year. The Columbus Blue Jackets made the 2008-09 season playoffs, making it their first time to qualify for the playoffs. Before that, they were the only team not to make the playoffs.

Can Texans go to The 2010 playoffs?


What are the only 2 sports franchises to never make the playoffs?

The Houston Texans and the Charlotte Bobcats.

What are the only 2 professional teams to never appear in the playoffs?

Houston Texans and Charlotte Bobcats

Where do you get Houston Texans silly bandz?

go to Houston Texas

How many times have the Houston Texans gone to the super bowl?

Through the 2010 National Football League season, the Houston Texans are one of four teams that have never played in a Super Bowl. The three other teams are the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When was the last time the Bengals made it to the playoffs?

The 2011-2012 season was the last time they made it to the playoffs, They lost to the Houston Texans in the first round.

How many super bowl rings do Houston Texans have?

They have never won or played in a superbowl. As a matter of fact they have never even reached the playoffs