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Yes, but in 1991, they were removed and replaced with longer pants, by the board of safety for the MLB(MLBSD) because of threats to the players when sliding and playing in colder tempatures. When this change occured the Coach left the team because the shorter pants were his idea. He actually Brand Named them as White Sox Showers simply because the would show all the players Sox. The coach was outraged because he belived the pants gave the White Sox a distinct image and it fits perfectly with there name but MLBSD did not agree and the pants were changed. Source:(Ninteen-nintys in sports)(By:LP. Mucoulough)(copyright 2000).

Wrong! The question above is about wearing shorts on the ball diamond as part of the uniform, not sliding shorts. Sliding shorts are padded shorts worn under Baseball pants to prevent injuries when sliding and diving into bases.

The Chicago White Sox actually did wear shorts on Aug. 8th, 1976 in the first game of a DH vs. Kansas City. It was the idea of the owner, who thought it would gain fans back to a team that lost 97 games. It failed miserably, leading to taunts from both the Royals players and White Sox fans. The team wore pants in the second game.

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Q: Did the Chicago White Sox ever wore white socks?
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