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Yes, the Boston Red Sox were known as the Americans from 1901-1907. Red Sox became the official nickname for the team in 1908.

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Q: Did the Boston Americans used to be a major league baseball team?
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What year did the Boston Red Sox have their first baseball team?

The Boston Red Sox along with the American League joined the National League in 1901 to form Major League Baseball. The team name at the time was the Boston Americans. In 1907 the team name was changed to the Red Sox.

Who was the first Major League Baseball franchise?

The first Professional Baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings who actually moved to Boston than went broke. Than were revived to be the Boston Americans.

What major league baseball team has the most road wins in league history?


What is the oldest baseball stadium in Major League Baseball?

Currently, the oldest Major League Stadium in use is Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is the oldest Major League Baseball park?

the oldest major league baseball park is the Fenway park the home of the Boston Red Sox

Who won the 1st World Series in Major League baseball?

The Boston Americans of the American League defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League five games to three in the 1903 World Series.

What is the best Major League Baseball team?

the Boston Red Sox

What is the name of Boston's Major League baseball team?

The Red Sox

What was the last Major League Baseball team to intergrate?

Boston red sox American league

Which two cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball?


What sport do the Boston Red Sox play?

The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

When were African Americans allowed to play in the MLB?

when were african americans allowed to play in major league baseball

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