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1954 and 1988

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Q: Did the Baltimore Orioles ever lose 100 games in a year?
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What year did the Baltimore Orioles lose most opening season consecutive games?

1988 ... the Orioles lost an MLB record 21 consecutive games to start the season.

Who did the Yankees lose to on opening day in the year of 2002?


Why did the Twins lose to the Baltimore Orioles when they were 7-21?

Every awesome team has a bad day.

Did the New York Yankees make the playoffs in 2012?

Yes, they did. In 2012, the Yankees defeated the Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS, three games to two. They would eventually lose to the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS, four games to none.

How many games do the New York Yankees need to win to clinch the division in 2012?

1Going into the final game of the 2012 season, the Yankees do not have to win. If the Yankees and Baltimore Orioles both lose, the Yankees win the division.UPDATE: The Yankees clinched the division on the final day of the season. The Yankees won their game and the Orioles lost.

Who did the phillies lose to in the world series?

The Milwaukee Brewers lost the 1915 World Series to the Boston Red Sox in five games, they lost to the New York Yankees in four games in the 1950 series, they lost to the Baltimore Orioles in the 1983 World Series in five games and they lost in the 1993 World Series but to the Toronto Blue Jays of the American League in six games.

Earliest a major league manager has been fired?

Cal Ripken Sr. was fired by the Baltimore Orioles after the 6th game of the 1988 season and replaced by Frank Robinson. The Orioles had lost all 6 games and went on to lose another 15 before winning their first game in Game 22. The 21 losses to begin the season is an MLB record.

Did the Tigers ever lose a game?

Yes, the Detroit Tigers have lost a few of their games.

Who was the last pitcher to throw a no hitter and lose the game?

The last 9 inning no hitter that was a loss was on April 30, 1967 between the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers. Steve Barber and Stu Miller of the Orioles combined for a no hitter but the Orioles lost 2-1. The only single pitcher to lose a complete game no hitter was Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt 45's in 1964. He no hit the Cincinnati Reds but lost 1-0.

When was If I Ever Lose My Faith in You created?

If I Ever Lose My Faith in You was created in 1992.

Did a major league baseball team ever lose all 16 of its games to a division rival in one season?


Who did the New York Yankees lose to on opening day in 2002?


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