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Q: Did the AFL frequently go on strike?
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Why did Boeing engineers go on strike?

Boeing's white-collar engineers were angry over the lack of creativity in their work, and they affiliated with the AFL-CIO. In February 2000 they went on strike for 40 days, which delayed the completion of 50 aircraft.

Do tornadoes strike more frequently than lightning?

No they mostly strike the US but lightning strikes everywhere

Do you have to go to college in the afl?

no, you don't have to

What can't lightning strike in the same place twice?

Lightning not only can strike the same place twice, it frequently does.

What AFL team should I go for?


What are the release dates for One Day Longer The Story of the Frontier Strike - 2000?

One Day Longer The Story of the Frontier Strike - 2000 was released on: USA: 2000 (National AFL-CIO Convention)

What was the Remington Rand Strike?

Jump to: navigation, searchThe Remington Rand strike of 1936-37 was a strike by a federal union affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL) against the Remington Rand company. The strike began in May 1936 and ended in April 1937, although the strike settlement would not be fully implemented until mid-1940.

Which AFL team does Hamish Blake go for?

Hawthorn Hawks

Who did heath ledger go for in the AFL?

West Coast Eagles

What nicknames does Strike Silent go by?

Strike Silent goes by Silent Strike.

What AFL team does Cole Sprouse go for?

he goes for the western bulldogs

When did baseball go on strike?

It went on strike in 1981 and 1994