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Q: Did the 1954 roger bannister 4 minute mile become chariots of fire?
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Who is Roger Bannister?

Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile race in less than four minutes. Click on the Roger Bannister link on this page to read about his life and all of the things he accomplished.There were 2 TV films about Roger Bannister:* The Four Minute Mile (1988, with actor Richard Huw as Bannister) * Four Minutes (2005, with Jamie Machlachlan as Bannister) The film Chariots of Fire was about running, but not about Roger Bannister.

Bannister is a surname for a man who did what?

Roger Bannister ran the 1st 4 minute mile

Who ran the first four minute mile?

Roger Bannister, from England

Who was First men to run 4 minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who ran the first four-minute mile?

Roger Bannister, from England

Who is the fattest person to run a four minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who ran the first under -4-minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who was the president when roger bannister ran the under 4 minute mile?


Who first achieved a four minute mile in Oxford in 1954?

Roger Bannister

What record did Roger Bannister beat?

He achieved the first four-minute mile.

Roger bannister accomplished something on may 6th 1954 what did he do?

Sub 4 minute mile..

Is Roger Bannister English The man who ran for a minute mile?

Was first to run a mile in under four minutes